Privacy Policy
KKTC complies with the Privacy Act. Information collected on students is only used for the purpose of delivery of our services. The information will not be released to a third party without the written consent of the student. Students can request a copy of the information held about them by a written request to the Chief Executive Officer, ensuring that they identify themselves by their individual student ID number.

Information about students from third parties
KKTC may need to source or verify information about students from a third party. (This is usually the persons they work with during their on-training). Wherever possible this will be done with the student’s authorisation, or if not possible, KKTC will inform the student when such information is collected.

Receiving marketing information
With students’ consent, KKTC may provide them with information from time to time about relevant industry information and new courses available to them.

Students’ consent to this will be implied unless they notify KKTC that they do not wish to receive this information. You may do this by advising the Director that you do not wish to receive marketing information.

Security of personal information
In line with new technology, KKTC continually improves the security of personal information collected. KKTC takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of persons by:

  • securing all files with personal information in locked cabinets
  • only providing staff with access to personal information
  • destroying information after the required retention period
  • ensuring computer security at all times by the use of firewalls and up to date virus software
  • password access to the computer system
  • audits of the computer systems
  • not releasing information to third parties without prior written authorisation.

Rights to access information
Under the Privacy Act, students have the right to access their personal information held about them. If the information is incorrect, they have the right to require KKTC to amend the information.

To access this information students are required to contact the Chief Executive Officer and complete a “Request for Access.” form. The verification of the student’s identity through either sighting of appropriate photo ID or the correct answering of a checklist of questions derived from the student’s personal details.

The Chief Executive Officer and the student must both sign the request form as an official record of identification. The Chief Executive Officer may also, if deemed necessary, further ensure the student’s identification through a signature comparison with their enrolment form.

The Chief Executive Officer is to notify the student when access is available. The Chief Executive Officer and the student must both again sign the form upon access as a record of such access. This form is then to be placed in the student’s file for future reference. The reproductions of any certificates or assessment statements will incur a fee as per theFee Schedule.